Acquire and ride your very own NFT racehorses.
You can breed and nurture the very best horse.
a new NFT game,
Derby Stars.
Derby Stars will provide a high-quality player experience never seen before
in an NFT game.

Join and create history by raising your own world-class horses in a new
metaverse full of various unique horses.

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Players own a variety of NFT horses and race them in Derby Stars.

Horses are a key element of the game and breeding them produce a
variety of offspring. In addition, their pedigree and racing records
are stored permanently on-chain.
In Derby Stars, players can own not only horses, but also land!
As a landowner, you become a rancher and can enjoy more
in-depth play to reap various benefits.
(to be updated)
User Avatar
In Derby Stars,
every player has their own avatar.

Every avatar is a horse-riding jockey and is
an essential partner to the racehorses