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Acquire and ride your very own NFT racehorses. You can breed and nurture the very best horse.
Thanks to all of you, Early Access has ended successfully!
Please stay tuned for the Alpha launch in the future.
a new NFT game,
Derby Stars.
Derby Stars will provide a high-quality player experience never seen before
in an NFT game.

Join and create history by raising your own world-class horses in a new
metaverse full of various unique horses.

Players own a variety of NFT horses and race them in Derby Stars.

Horses are a key element of the game and breeding them produce a
variety of offspring. In addition, their pedigree and racing records
are stored permanently on-chain.
In Derby Stars, players can own not only horses, but also land!
As a landowner, you become a rancher and can enjoy more
in-depth play to reap various benefits.
(to be updated)
User Avatar
In Derby Stars,
every player has their own avatar.

Every avatar is a horse-riding jockey and is
an essential partner to the racehorses
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Rarity and Parts of Derby Horses
First of all, it is very simple how common and rare grades are decided among the three grades of horses. If at least one of the eight parts of a horse has a Rare rating, it is a Rare, and if not, it is a Common. Common is effectively treated as Rare 0, and as you already know, Rare horses exist from Rare 1 to 8. This is because Derby Stars horses have a total of 8 parts.
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