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Acquire and ride your very own NFT racehorses. You can breed and nurture the very best horse.
Thank you! 3rd Pre-sale random mints are sold out!
Would you like to trade your horse NFT?
a new NFT game,
Derby Stars.
Derby Stars will provide a high-quality player experience never seen before
in an NFT game.

Join and create history by raising your own world-class horses in a new
metaverse full of various unique horses.

Own your horse through pre-sale
Players own a variety of NFT horses and race them in Derby Stars.

Horses are a key element of the game and breeding them produce a
variety of offspring. In addition, their pedigree and racing records
are stored permanently on-chain.
In Derby Stars, players can own not only horses, but also land!
As a landowner, you become a rancher and can enjoy more
in-depth play to reap various benefits.
(to be updated)
User Avatar
In Derby Stars,
every player has their own avatar.

Every avatar is a horse-riding jockey and is
an essential partner to the racehorses
Roadmap 1.0
roadmap 1.0
Our Last Pre-Sale is Finally Here!
Our long-awaited final pre-sale for our horses is here at last! We’re very excited to share details about our mint taking place this May. This final mint will include 4,000 horses, topping off our final supply of 10,000 Origin horses!
Rarity and Parts of Derby Horses
First of all, it is very simple how common and rare grades are decided among the three grades of horses. If at least one of the eight parts of a horse has a Rare rating, it is a Rare, and if not, it is a Common. Common is effectively treated as Rare 0, and as you already know, Rare horses exist from Rare 1 to 8. This is because Derby Stars horses have a total of 8 parts.
Derby Stars Closes Seed Round Co-led by Patron and Galaxy Interactive
We are delighted to announce that Derby Stars has raised $6 million seed round co-led by Patron and Galaxy Interactive, including follow-on early supporter...
Stats & Skills of Derby Stars horses — 2
There are over 500 skills in Derby Stars, and every horse has 6 skills. Those skills can be further classified into 1 special skill and 5 general skills. Read more...
Stats & Skills of Derby Stars horses — 1
Derby Stars development team has been busy developing game logic and systems for the game launch as well as preparing for the 2nd pre-sale Read more...
Derby Stars X OnePlanet
We will start our second pre-sale via OnePlanet marketplace with different UI/UX for our community. Therefore, we have a plan to distribute about 300 whitelist tickets for the strategic collaboration. More detailed information will be released by OnePlanet. Stay tuned!
Derby Stars Ambassador Program
We hope LUNAtics enjoy various fun and useful content about Derby Stars as much as possible. Therefore, we would like to find official ambassadors who will create witty, fun, and insightful content to attract more users and expand the awareness of Derby Stars.
Why should you participate in the pre-sale?
Hello Derby Stars fans! Thank you for patiently waiting for our first pre-sale. The Derby team is also excited to meet the fans with the first pre-sale. For the past few months, many people have shown great interest in the Derby Stars pre-sale. Thank you very much!!! In anticipation of the pre-sale, the community has been asking a lot of various questions through Discord and Twitter. So today, we would like to answer some of them. First, let’s take a look at the most frequently asked questions: “What are the benefits of participating in the pre-sale?” “If you can acquire horses by breeding, why should you participate in the pre-sale?” “If horse supply can increase by breeding, won’t that dilute the value of my NFTs?” These are good questions! These are of course questions that you may be curious about, and so we’d like to explain them first. (We will continue to answer other questions later) The benefits of acquiring the horse NFTs through the pre-sale (versus acquiring them later from trading or breeding) fall roughly into 5 categories. Let us explain them one by one. 1. First, horses purchased in the pre-sale will be marked ORIGIN and given a much lower serial number than horses that will later be bred. (Although still TBD, the serial number of horses generated from breeding is likely to be higher than 100,000.) Therefore, it is easy to prove to others the rarity with just the ORIGIN notation and serial number.